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100% Passionate Since the 80's

100% started in the early 80s by Drew Lien with an extremely small budget and no real plan. Now we see 100% motocross goggles and motocross gloves worn by many MX pro riders.

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    O 100%

    100% is equal to everything! In the early 80th century, 100% logos began to appear from out of nowhere on factory bikes and riders. Drivers such as Bob Hannah, Ricky Johnson, Johnny O'Mara, David Bailey and Jeff Ward. To name a few!   It is rare that a logo or saying termed so strong that the Hall of Fame riders choose to wear it without agents or contract.   Some bar logo throughout his career. David Bailey used logo even when he competed in the Ironman. Ricky Johnson wins races with offroad truck in the only way he knows, by giving ALL. Johnny O ', Bob Hannah and others carry the logo throughout their lives to be reminded of the original question; "How much are you willing to give?".   Whether it's a championship, 40-mile cycling or everyday, if you do not give 100%, you will regret it.